Agree (Two)

I have always been prone to feel melancholy and sadness in a profound way. It was important to, emotionally, dwell with various events in a ‘black-and-white’ manner; attaching those to a connection, meaning and purpose.

Cabo Frances Viejo

Probably, depression has historically taken a role in my life. When I was 17, dealing with the impossibility of being physically active following an appendectomy, it resulted by losing weight, undernourishment and not being able to get out of bed for a month. 4 years later, a bad breakup made me touch deep and seek professional help, unable to understand why could I be enamored by someone in such toxic ways.

Seven years later (which is a lot, right?), that unmanageable sadness cycle repeats itself. Social and personal challenges arouse, as an internal cry to lessen my luggage and start a simpler life, specially after getting engaged. It meant changing the way I interact with my immediate family, friends and acquaintances.

On the next post, will share with you what ultimately made me seek help and understand what life is all about, at last.

Cabo Frances Viejo

Stairs to Cabo Frances Viejo

These beautiful pictures in this post are from Cabo Francés Viejo in the northern part of the Dominican Republic.

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