Agree (One)

Roto, dañado, un poco desesperado‘.

This literally means “broken, damaged, a little desperate…” and it’s a phrase from a song in Spanish that I recently felt at peace with. They say that you are what you think and facing my depression in a approachable and a little harsh way has somehow enlightened me (slightly).

Wall art in Sosúa

Urban art in Sosúa

Little vendor street by the beach

I cannot say that it has made me stronger. Because, as a matter of fact, suffering from depression means that your emotional configuration runs faulty and it is your responsibility to ensure a healthy outcome through it all. It is my duty to understand my pain and transform it into positive thoughts and FORCE myself to go on. It’s an around-the-work clock… and it won’t end as long as I live.

To anyone suffering from depression in a minor degree (because those with important and highly compromising psychiatric conditions need extra medical and social help), let me tell you that is a matter of responsibility and a very hard work of self-consciousness. Being like that is so tiring (my ambivalence has lowered so much as I grow up but being like this is excruciating), however, as long as you create the tools to be better, it will be better.

On the next posts I will write about the things that lead me to understand my depression and anxiety.

Sosua boats

Wall art Sosúa, Dominican Republic.

Beachfront in Sosúa

All these beautiful pictures you see here are from Sosúa, a town in northern Dominican Republic.


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