Probably one of the most challenging things about self-acceptance is the fact that you must respect your own rhythm to reach harmony with what is around you. I still fall behind on this, because I am frequently, if not all the time, pressuring myself to not fall behind people, situations, milestones. All within the external. We also face important setbacks when the world goes through such a fast pace and you feel slower than the rest.

Melissa in Playa Diamante

I recently felt this setback on language lessons. The teacher is advancing the class on such fast pace that despite my efforts to study daily, I feel that I constantly fall behind when I miss to study some grammar points that are already being evaluated in the exam (which I had in my hands). She does say that she is respectful of our own study pace. I feel reassured, however, I wish I could study faster.

Playa Diamante

Shipwreck at Playa Diamante

I am currently finding out about how to balance my own slow rhythm by identifying opportunities to be less distracted (my anxiety shortens my attention spam) and also celebrating my meticulousness and attention to details. Which is why I am so darn slow! Guess that it’s OK to respect your own pace, to slow down without losing the mark. Still on the develop, though, because I particularly feel that in terms of long-term goals and defining stuff about me and what I want to reach in my life, so much time has passed that I cannot or would not want to waste it anymore. The ambivalence of it is overwhelming sometimes, isn’t it?

The general outlook: at the end of the day, it’s OK to be like this. You can always improve. To be open minded about our own rhythm. If you don’t, you will get sick.


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