Discretion is something that I have always struggled with. As far as my memory recalls, I never dealt with issues pertaining lack of discretion (generally, I am reserved), although constantly pushing to be more and more discrete over time. To the point I could be a treasure box.

Caribbean Sea


It just saves you from issues with people.

I realized last week that discretion gives you neutrality, which is very important when dealing with though situations like, managing conflicts or trying to ponder different points of view within members of different social circles. I want to be able to voice my opinion only when it is asked and not imposing it as if someone “cares” or would be asking me. I realized that it saves you. That, it allows you to hold more power, as some people would grab your opinions or words and interpret them as they want and not as what you are trying to earnestly convey.

Melissa in a Boca Chica beach cave

Boca Chica palm trees

However, discretion is not an option when dealing with unfair situations. When you’re being mistreated or someone is manipulating you. You would want to voice out and use the right resources to stop others from hurting you.

It sure is a delicate balance, how do you find balance between discretion and extroversion? I would love to read your opinion (your comments in English, Spanish, Portuguese, French, Japanese and Korean will be fully understood!).

Boca Chica sunset

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