Kids need it all the time. As a matter of fact, healthy children are raised with clear routines. Those “simple” tasks of waking up, brushing your teeth, get back from school, rest some and do homework, then playtime. And it repeats as days go by. But, what happens if you are not designed like this? Instead, you fear so much of it because you feel like it will hypnotize you and suck your spirit. It does absorb your “essence”, right? You feel drained and scared most of the day because at the turnaround, you’d always want something different.

Urban OOTD

Juice smoothie

Indian bowl

Yet, so ironic that even though you want a stable routine in your days, at the same time you feel so robotic, wishing everyday was different. Refer as, do something different every other day. Like, go skating, dance or a walk in a park. Something else besides the 8 – 5 trap. One moment you are excited to plan and execute those activities, another you’re being let down because you are tired from work or would just want to cut down on expenses.

I, too, want to accept routine as it is. Bearing with it. Assimilate it in my body and mind, then comprehend it is up to me to do a little variation here and there. To not be so fearful of it. Because, hey, let’s be honest, our bodies are routine. They do the same all the time yet transform, getting older, genetically better as they struggle through evolution. As I am writing this, I am scared. But I do not want to be anymore. I want to see the magic within my ordinary days.

Santo Domingo cityscape


Melissa's OOTD

Ice cream at Heladodude

Chicken and aubergine sandwich

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