Creativity is like comfort food when starving. For me, it’s like an oasis. Everyone around the world can get a little or a lot from it, because it does not have a barrier nor knows of limit in terms of who decides to exercise this. It even defies the status quo on aesthetics, opinions, on the elemental that keeps up going psychologically.

Pedernales beach

Beach between palm leaves cabin


Recently, I had a challenging, almost-intrusive experience when I was alone at home on a Saturday. No place to go, no friends to get-together with, my boyfriend was working… just me and my desire to have a moment like that: I was re-connecting with creativity, after so much time believing that my actual routine was killing what I longed most, to start defining my personal projects.

Bahía de las Águilas beach, 7 AM


I guess the desire of permitting that creativity flows within me over time overflows what life itself would permit.

Photo location: Bahía de las Águilas (eagles bay) beach in Pedernales, Dominican Republic.

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