A shortage of breath when you encounter yourself with this exhilarating condition. Passion can be disguised in so many ways. A person, a book, an interest. The braver live their whole lives passionately. When she’s the wildest, it can come as fast as it goes and sometimes takes you flying right at the verge of abyss. As you fall, the feeling just rushes into your whole body and involves you mutely. Only the feels. Isn’t it interesting just a few seconds without thinking about “thinking”? I’m up for it.

Cafe Gato

Cafe Gato

Cafe Gato

I just love how passion wraps my life as a solid companion that keeps me going through discovering more and more about new things. When she wakes up and doesn’t intend to sleep. A jazzy tune on a quiet day in the office, a subtle kiss, seeing your favorite person or working on your desired crafts, I would always like to live breathing into this feeling. For a second, being drowned by it, because it frees you from logic.

On regress, like a baby, feeling completely secured even after breaking free from exhilaration. Passion, in all of its forms (even the lustful one) will never carry you away from your boundaries unless you permit it. I want to be visited often by her, who makes me feel so powerful and glad to be alive.

Cafe Gato

Cafe Gato

Cafe Gato

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