In a digital world governed now by multimillion-followed social media superstars, “starting a blog” for me has never been more difficult. Dealing with personal struggles like comparisons and excuses, I believe now is the time to start something I can look back to in a couple of years and feel proud of. Especially when you started blogging at a young age, embracing those communities like LiveJournal, Xanga or i-net friends who hosted subdomains and you coded your own stuff.

Yes, that was me at 13. The name, “Air” was always something that felt so elemental and classic, given the profundity of my thoughts and the way I looked at life. Now, at 28, I want to embrace those insecurities and my own lack of stability (most of those long-ass posts are now archived) and start anew. “AIR by Melissa” follows the urge to communicate and voice out what runs through my mind. I am eager to read everyone’s opinions on the matters that worry me the most.


Espresso cup

Therefore, a self-introduction is always the best way to welcome you to this space. My name is Melissa, a New Orleans native based in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. I work full-time in the maritime industry, with my passions being photography, writing, music, art and dancing. AIR by Melissa will mostly cover imagery and writing driven to deliver good lifestyle content. Thank you for coming here.

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